Interactive Content and How it Boosts User Engagement
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Interactive Content and How it Boosts User Engagement

Interactive content has become the key to making your digital presence. Marketers have finally understood that interactive content is the king. For this purpose, everyone tries to make content marketing strategies that are better, more effective, and more efficient in comparison to their competitors.

As per Content Marketing Institute, about 81% of marketers believe that interactive content is more effective in grabbing the user’s attention in comparison to static content. Therefore, it is imperative to learn about interactive content.

What is Interactive Content

The content encourages its viewers to engage or interact. It is excellent for transforming the customer experience from passive consumption to active interaction.

Interactive Content Types

Any content that you design with an intent to get your readers to take action is interactive content. Below, are the most popular types of interactive content that yield excellent user engagement.

  • Calculator and Assessment Tools Pricing calculator, Quantity calculator, ROI calculator, etc.
  • Quizzes and Pools
  • Infographics
  • Video

Benefits of Interactive Content

Interactive content offers a number of benefits, below, we have listed the most popular advantages.

User Engagement

Times and again, studies show that interactive content has the ability to catch the reader’s attention and retain it for a longer time in comparison to static content.

Improved Time-on-Page

The Interactive web content increases the time-on-page as it keeps the reader hooked for an extended time period.

Lead Generation

When users know that they are getting some information from you, they are likely to return the favor. For instance, you can encourage them to sign up in order to download certain information.

It’s no biggie for them and they would download it, thus letting you get what you want!

Audience Segmentation and much more.

The right kind of interactive content assists in audience segmentations, it also helps establish and maintain long-term relationships with the consumers.

What’s more, is that you can efficiently do old content repurposing and generate referral traffic.


Interactive content is the modern way to ensure that you enhance user engagement. Incorporating all the above types of interactive content smartly allows you to enjoy all its benefits.